Blade Craft Pro™️ Tumbler Knife Sharpener

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Bring old knives back to life with a smooth glide and precision sharpening. Effortless, secure, and tailored for all your blades.

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Diamond-Grain Sharpener

Ensures the sharpener lasts for years, and turns old knives sharper than they were before.

Multi-Angle Sharpening

20 degree and 15 degree sharpening angle for robust or filigree sharpness.

Silicone Non-Slip Membranes

Ensures that the sharpener has a secure grip, and provides a no-slip effect for ease of use.

Magnetic Angle Support

Provides a constant, reproducable grinding angles for ease of use, and a perfect sharpening everytime.

Magnetic Angle Support

The magnetic angle support provides constant, reproduceable grinding angle so you get the same sharpness every single time.

Patented Sharpening Design

With multiple angles to sharpen, silicone feet to ensure grip, magnetic holds, and wood grain design, this is a world-class knife sharpening system that will produce some of the sharpest knives you've ever had.

Patented Rolling System

With a diamond grinding disk to produce world-class sharpening, roller wheels to provide ease of use, roller grip that glides freely on any surface, and a self cleaning honing disk, this will turn any old dull knife sharp again.



How does the rolling mechanism work?

The rolling mechanism involves a wheel-based design that you glide along the blade of the knife. Simply place the knife flat on a stable surface, hold the sharpener by its handle, and roll it along the blade from the base to the tip. This motion ensures an even sharpening along the entire edge.

What types of knives can be sharpened with the 15-degree and 20-degree angles?

The 15-degree angle is ideal for sharpening Japanese-style knives, which are typically thinner and sharper. The 20-degree angle is better suited for Western-style knives, which are usually thicker and require a slightly less acute angle for optimal sharpness.

Is the sharpener suitable for both right and left-handed users?

Yes, our rolling knife sharpener is designed to accommodate both right and left-handed users. The symmetrical design and accessible handle placement make it easy to use from either side.

How do I switch between the two sharpening angles?

Switching between the two sharpening angles is simple. The device has 2 sides that are both labeled appropriately so you can use either the 15-degree or the 20-degree angle.

What materials are used in the construction of the sharpener? Are they durable?

The sharpener is constructed from high-quality stainless steel, wood grain, and a diamond grain sharpener that maintains its sharpness over time, ensuring long-lasting performance and durability.

How should I maintain and clean the sharpener?

Maintenance is straightforward. After each use, wipe the sharpener with a soft, damp cloth to remove any metal filings or debris. Do not immerse the sharpener in water. For storage, keep it in a dry place to prevent any potential rusting or wear. Regularly check the mechanism to ensure it moves smoothly without obstruction.

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