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ProCraft X-Stream Air Nailer

ProCraft X-Stream Air Nailer

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Ready to Transform Your Nailing Experience with

ProCraft X-Stream Air Nailer?

Experience unmatched efficiency with the ProCraft X-Stream Air Nailer. This top-of-the-line tool integrates seamlessly with your air compressor, offering unparalleled precision and power. Its lightweight design and ergonomic grip ensure comfort and control, making it ideal for both professional and DIY projects. Enjoy rapid-fire action and a jam-free mechanism, ensuring your work is not only faster but also flawless.

MaxForce Elite Integrated Air Nailer - For Professional Grade Work

1. 🎯 Precision at Its Best: Enjoy pinpoint accuracy with every nail driven, ensuring your projects look professional & are built to last.
2. ⏱️ Save Time, Nail Fast: Rapid-fire capability means more nails in less time. Get your projects done quicker & enjoy the satisfaction of efficiency.
3. 🛠️ Versatile for All Projects: Whether you're crafting a delicate piece of furniture or framing a house, this tool adapts to a variety of materials and tasks.
4. 👌 Ease of Use: User-friendly design makes it simple for anyone to operate – from seasoned pros to DIY enthusiasts just starting out.
5. 💪 Built to Last: Robust construction ensures your nailer can withstand the rigors of any job, providing reliable performance for years to come.

Reminder: The air nail drill is powerful, please do not point the product at people, please take good protection when using it

There are many uses, suitable for red brick walls, concrete walls, 8mm aluminum alloy wire pipes, thick wooden boards, etc. Without a lot of dust, energy saving and environmental protection.

Power control: 4 levels of adjustment, can be adjusted according to different building requirements

Light and Simple

Less than 1 kg, user-friendly shape, stable operation and easy to transport to different sites. And thanks to its unique technology, there is no need to transport additional power or gas cylinders, including a power supply.

Small Head Design

This steel nail drill features the latest small head design to support the installation of different size holes, suitable for driving different size fixings on roofs, and the removable handle design allows it to be attached to an extension cord. No need to climb to perform work on high ceilings. (Extension cord not included)

Adjustable Depth Control

The adjustable depth control allows you to set the exact depth of the nail for professional results.

Package includes: 1x Pneumatic Nailer + Nails (Optional Quantity)


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