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Magnetic Charger

Magnetic Charger

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Do you want a mini portable charging solution? Unlike wall sockets and bulky power banks, our Magnetic Charger is designed and engineered for more convenient, accessible and easy charging. 


Traditional charging means being chained to a wall socket every time we charge. Some high-capacity power banks are offered on the market, But they are not convenient, heavy, and you need to connect the phone with charge cable. We shouldn't sacrifice convenience for capacity. We should select the best solution to the charging dilemma. That's the Magnetic Charger. A new emergency charging solution.

Wireless and Interesting

We've created a new solution. It's tiny, wireless, and keeps your phone charged on-the-go!Based on the sizes of popular available smartphones, we've custom-built the magnetic charging power bank to optimize the user experience while providing extra battery power. It doesn't require any cable to connect to your phone to recharge.


This Magnetic Charger is a magical power bank that is more mini and portable than traditional power bank. Strong magnetic, fast charging speed, Auto charging when it close to your phone and charged without any charging cable.

More convenient way of charging

No need searching for wall outlets or carrying bulky power banks around with you, When you need to charge your smartphone, just grab the magnetic charging kit. They will automatically adsorb charge and no need any charging cable entangling you.

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