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24 Hr Security in A Light Bulb

24 Hr Security in A Light Bulb

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AI-Powered Security You Screw Into A Light Socket

This state-of-the-art camera is designed with advanced AI algorithms that enable it to differentiate between humans and inanimate objects, ensuring that you receive notifications only for significant events. No more false alarms triggered by pets or passing cars. The accompanying visuals feature two frames—one highlighting the camera's ability to detect a human with a bounding box, and another showing how it smartly ignores a pet or unrelated object.


Accessible From Your Cell Phone

  • Around-the-Clock Peace of MindWith full-color night vision, keep an eye on your property day or night, ensuring maximum safety.
  • Say Goodbye to Blurry ImagesThe 5MP camera offers crystal-clear visuals, capturing every essential detail in your monitored area.
  • Zoom In, Don't Miss OutThe 4X digital zoom lets you focus on specific areas of interest without losing image quality, making it ideal for detailed observation.
  • Smarter Notifications, Less StressAI Human Detection technology sends alerts only for significant activities, eliminating unnecessary notifications from pets or passing cars.
  • Seamless Connectivity, Anywhere, AnytimeThanks to 5G Wifi, experience uninterrupted real-time monitoring from the palm of your hand, no matter where you are.
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